Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Really Like this Vintage Pallet Center Island.

Last Saturday we went to a very interesting auction in Benson, MN. We suffered through driving rain, lightning and thunder and then hot and humid temperatures. I think that every dealer in the state was there, including 3 others from Second Hand Rose. Unfortunately, we did not end up fighting it out between us because most items went for more than we can get retail. I did buy 13 vintage oak and steel pallets. I thought that they would be useful in storing the stuff that I have to remove from my garage so the contractor can repair the insulation and the ceiling. However, I decided that the pallets were just too interesting to put them all to mundane service under my inventory.

I made this center island on restaurant wire shelving and casters out of one of the pallets.

This is what the pallets look like in the rough.

Lots of sanding, painting the underside, staining and polying the top reveals this great island or counter.

I going to haul it into the shop tomorrow. It will look great under my industrial light fixtures.

Mr. Flannery

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