Monday, July 11, 2011

The Trees are Falling!!!

Last week a tree fell in a big wind storm. It just grazed my house, putting a dent in some siding and breaking a basement window. I didn't realize it at the time, but the tree also landed on the sump line coming out of the basement. It cracked the line and caused all the water from the sump pump to just recirculate into the basement.

I only live 30 feet from the shores of Flannery Bay and they installed a full basement in this place in 1921 when the house was built. It appears that my basement floor is only slightly higher than lake level, when the lake is at normal levels. The lake is as high as I've seen it it 40 years. (Even higher than the year the township replaced the outlet culvert with the high end downstream). My sump pump has been running almost constantly. Well anyway, by the time I found out about the sump the basement was filled with 2 feet of water. The furnace, well pump, hot water heater and water softener were all destroyed. I got an auxiliary pump working, because I thought that the sump quit, but as the water lowered I figured out that the sump was working, but recirculating. So I lost my sump system to a wind storm. I'm sure that is going to raise a few eyebrows at State Farm.

I am going to redo my heating system to go to off-peak electric on the furnace and the hot water. Much cheaper and more evenly priced than the propane that I have used. I'm waiting for contractors to get the pieces together and get me back on-line. Showers without hot water are definitely bone chilling.

Last night a second tree fell in a second wind storm. An old oak that was half-way up the hill and towered over my garage decided to shed some big limbs. I heard them crash at about 9:00 o'clock last night. I called the tree guy, but he is still very busy. (I had called earlier about the first tree and told him that he could take his time getting to it.) I pulled a few smaller limbs off the drive with the ATV, so I have passage on the driveway. So here I sit waiting to hear from the plumber, the electrician, the insurance adjuster and the tree guy. I swear this summer has been more weather related work than the damn winter on the tundra.

Mr. Flannery

PS - I just used the truck and the tow strap to haul the biggest two limbs off the drive so can now get in and out without too much hassle. The tree guy is going to wonder how those two pieces fell so far up hill.

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red.neck chic said...


Dang and double-dang.

I'm sending you some good-luck, right. now.

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