Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It May Curl Your Hair

I have been spending some of Christmas Day exploring pinterest.com. I have assembled a number of ideas for industrial and lighting projects. One of the most interesting is a guy Rags and Bone Man making lights out of airplane engine parts in London. So I approached my online auction fix with a variety of industrial and lighting possibilities swirling in my mind.

The online auction just ended and I think that I am going to have fun making some very special industrial lights. I will probably gut most of the existing guts and rewire the pieces with new UL approved lamp parts.

This 1930's hair curling machine has a great look and wonderful switches and dials. The curling wires are detachable so I will just disable their sockets and keep them with the soon to be lamp. I hope to use the existing switch and gauge to power the new lamp that I plan to install under the bonnet.

It should make a great prop with a new use for a beauty salon.

I intend to do the same process for this second curler.

This is a heavy duty 1930's hair dryer. It appears to have a bracket on it so it can be mounted and swiveled. I will gut the dryer pieces and install new lamp parts. I have a couple of different bases that I can mount it on, so I'll do a little experimenting to find the best look.

The online auction has granted me a little bit of a reprieve from the auction withdrawal shakes. I have a couple of more items from this auction and two other online auctions currently in process. So I should be stable through New Years Day.

Mr. Flannery


AngelMc said...

Happy New Year!

Kris said...

I think the hair dryer is going to make the coolest light fixture. Can't wait to see it finished. I just may have to make the trip up there from the cities to see it if you're going to put it out for sale.