Monday, January 9, 2012

Auctions - Failures but a Light at the End of the Tunnel

This is a tough time for auctions here on the tundra. Usually the weather makes it impossible to have on-sight farm auctions and anything outside is limited at best. The dealers and other auction goers are getting hungry because there are few events to feed us.

I attended two auctions last weekend. Both of them took a couple of hours of driving and a tank of gas to get there. I went to get a few specific pieces that were listed. The furniture really intrigued me and would fit well into the industrial bent that I'm headed into.

The first was this lawyers stacking bookcase. It was interesting, especially with the first level step back. However at $660 it was beyond my limits.

The second was this 32 drawer file cabinet. I was the underbidder at $525.

Then there was this homemade rotating hardware cupboard. The base is fantastic. Again I was the underbidder at $745.

So the long trips were basically unproductive. Hours on the road, dollars through the gas tank and none of my desired items in my truck for the trip home. Interestingly my week was productive not at the live auctions, but online.

I bought these spotlights on-line. They are from a 1937 LaFrance fire truck. I am very happy with them and they probably will not be leaving here too soon.

The most interesting piece is this glass taxi cab light. Again, it will probably be on my shelf for a while rather than in either of the shops.

Not many auctions to attend the rest of this month, but I'll keep searching on-line for the strange items that I like.

Mr. Flannery

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red.neck chic said...

I had high hopes for seeing some AWESOME from the auction on the 8th!!! I think that you made up for it with the Taxi light though... that is so cool!!!

;-D robelyn