Monday, April 23, 2012

Nothing but the Heaviest for the Shops

I am not sure how it happens, but it almost always does.  I return from an auction or a buying trip with the heaviest thing that isn't a tractor.  My last picking adventure in Central Minnesota was more of the same.  We got into an abandoned hardware store in Kensington, Minnesota.  (home of the runestone, don'tcha know). The owner has died and his grandson-in-law is attempting to clean out the place before the City condemns the building.  We brought two pick-ups and my 12 foot trailer and filled them all up.

This is a two piece, 190 hole hardware bin.

And this beast is a 70 cubby former electrical parts bin.

My favorite is this 9 foot long by 2 1/2 foot wide
counter with 23 steel nail bins.

Today I unloaded the three cubby pieces from the trailer.  All the time remembering that the three other guys who helped me load are nowhere nearby when it is time to unload.  They have all been power washed.  The counter has a nice butcher block top that I will sand and poly.  (Being clever I did not unload the counter from the trailer).  Tomorrow I will reload the parts bins and head for Buffalo.  They are going to be major pieces in my May sale set up.

I contacted Brad and he has assured me of a space in the tent in front of the shop for the counter.  I am not sure if it would fit in my space and the logistics of getting it in and out would be staggering.

So it is dancing with furniture as I shuffle off to Buffalo for me.

Mr. Flannery

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