Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ecletic vs. Schizophrenic

I worked on my space at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo today.  I have most of the bigger pieces in place and I have even started smearing the smalls all over the place.  I have one more steel table to bring in on Sunday and then I will finish setting and pricing everything.

This is a electrical parts cubby from Kensington, Minnesota.  The drafting table will set up in front of it.  There are ten bowling pins slotted into it.

Industrial, mid-century modern, Victorian, Edwardian and whimsy are all represented in one corner of my space.

The adjustable steel table.

6 wire locker baskets.

Hanging scale basket.  The scale, with another basket, will be in the load tomorrow.

My favorite for the day.  A huge mortar marked "Acid Proof" filled with new old stock gears for a Minneapolis Moline tractor.

Grill from a1950 (51?) Chevy.

Chaska brick and metal game board.

Tin man in the center.

Hand painted lemonade pitcher c.1890.

I like to call the variety of items that I deal in eclectic, but someone may be inclined to call it schizophrenic.

Mr. Flannery

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