Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Two Industrial Style Lights

I have been working on a few lamps for the November sales at Second Hand Rose and Gypsy Lea's.  I've assembled them out of picking and auction finds and they have a definite industrial vibe.

The first lamp is assembled on a the base from a DeLaval Cream Separator.  It is has galvanized pipe and a recycled socket stacked on the top.  The shade was on a lamp I bought at an auction.

 The original brass plaque is still attached to the base.

The second lamp is an industrial spotlight from the iron mines near Gilbert, Minnesota and the base is a tripod from a surveyor's transit that I got at a garage sale about 1/2 mile from my house.

 The 300 watt bulb still works after a year banging around in my garage.

I already have two made up lamps at the shop and hope to have one or two more built by sale time.

Mr. Flannery

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Olivia said...

I love both the industrial lamps you made. I would have a hard time choosing which to buy. Both are so one of a kind. Good use of matching things together to make two unique lamps.