Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Auctions aux deux

Sunday was an interesting day here on the auction circuit. I attended the 2nd day of the large auction near Maple Lake. There was another auction only about 2 miles away at the same time. The Maple Lake auction was disjointed and confusing. There was so much stuff and it was hard to ascertain exactly what item was selling and where the bid was at. I finally loaded up my purchases and scooted off to the other auction. This was more of a farm and estate auction, much better organized and easier to understand what was going on.

I sat around at the second auction for more than an hour while they got good money for old gasoline water pumps, tractors, fanning mills, seed sorters and smut cleaners. Then they got to the architectural salvage, table scraps (ie pieces of tables like ornate legs and stringers), and rustic furniture. I bought a nice spoon carved square oak dining room table, 2 porch pillars, 2 boxes of legs and parts, an oak work desk, 2 upholstered benches and a funny black floor lamp with a Bakelite handle, metal shade and partial goose neck. Some of the pieces are already at Gypsy Lea's for next weekend's sale and others will be sanded and painted tomorrow.

My legs, knees and back were exhausted when I left that auction to visit (help)(harass) Kris as she was setting up at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo. We had a quick McDonald's dinner and then I decided it was time to get a rest. The signs for the Maple Lake auction were still in place as I drove through Maple Lake on the trip home. I returned to that auction and spent another 2 hours bidding on the last of the stuff they were selling in the 9th and 10th hours of the auction.

2 different auctions with 4 different visits and a trail off to Buffalo in the midst, was a record. I was happy that I had enough sit on my butt and do my real job work to do on Monday to avoid more dancing with furniture. Tuesday brought about a trip to Gypsy's to drop off about 1/2 a truck full and a chance to help with the set up for next weekend's sale. It looks really cool in the shop already, with a number of eclectic hogs hiding amongst some wonderful roses.

Mr. Flannery

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