Monday, September 14, 2009

So much dancing

The sale at Gypsy Lea's went very well for Mr. Flannery's hogs. Big pieces of brown colored furniture squealed all the way out the door. Of course, there are many more hogs where those came from.

(BTW - did you hear about the group of pigs put into orbit around the Earth? It was the first herd shot 'round the world.)

I have been transferring inventory from my various storage stashes to my new digs. Damn, I have a lot of books. Frames, books and chairs seem to be my downfall. I swear that I can attend a restaurant bankruptcy auction and still return with books. I have been taking trucks full of stuff to the storage almost every day. I still am less than half way finished. Mike stopped by today and gave me a big hand. We loaded my pickup truck and my bigger trailer and placed it all in the new storage. Both of our backs were sore after that little dance.

The heartening thing about this dance is that I have become reacquainted with many items that have slipped from memory over time. I brought a bunch of newly unearthed smalls into Gypsy's for the last sale. They sold very well. While their sale had little impact on the storage space, they will have a nice impact on my pocketbook.

I hope have two spaces empty before October 1st. We are going to have a featured space at Gypsy Lea's for musical instruments next month. So the dancing will continue for many more months.

Mr. Flannery

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