Friday, September 25, 2009

Just How Old is Antique

I was working at Gypsy Lea's last month with one of the young girls who also sells there. (30+ y.o. with 7 y.o. son). One of her items came to the counter and was marked "antique". Now this was a bowl from the late 1970's, so I asked her what was her definintion of "antique". She said it was anything older than her. Damn, now I know that I even have some antique shoes, that I still wear.

There's an interesting looking auction in Maple Lake tomorrow. The first photos that come up in the web listing are for a small amusement park train ride. The locomotive (with seating for the operator), a couple of cars (with seats for the kiddies) and 500 feet of track. The train is from the amusement park at St. Paul's Como Zoo. I remember that train from the time I was actually a size that would fit into the kiddie cars. I really would love to buy it, but $10K plus, is more than mad money for this hog herder.

This may be a fun auction for watching and wishing. Lots of interesting things that I just don't see at auction very often. The airplane pedal car is really cool. Of course my eyes were dawn to the listing for "tons of metal shelves". A place to store my hogs. I'll take my camera and give you some updates after the auction.

Mr. Flannery

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Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Sounds like a very interesting auction. Sure wish I had $$$ just lyin' around. Looking forward to hearing about it and the photos.

Love that you have painted ceilings. Bedrooms here are light blue, downstairs pale yellow, kitchen color I took up from the walls. The bathroom is under the stairs so it's not a real big patch of ceiling and I am realllly liking it. This is an "antique" house.
Am finding that I am apparently also an antique. Sigh.