Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dancin' in the Rain

I checked out the on line auction service and noted that almost every auctioneer in the State of Minnesota had an auction scheduled for Saturday. There were SO many choices to attend. I decided on an auction near St. Boni on the north shore of Lake Waconia. The house was more than 100 years old and the contents had not been picked over. There was a photo of my favorite piece in the listing. That locked in this auction as my choice.

It was cool and damp, with rain threatening when I was getting ready for the 45 minute drive. I even opted for jeans rather than shorts because of the conditions. I fed the cats, slopped the dog and headed out to the truck. Step one, as is too often the case, was emptying the truck of the residue of the last auction. (No question why I never have a lack of inventory). I got to the auction site and, as usual, found my parking spot next to the auction clerk wagon within about 50 feet of the racks full of items to be sold.

The auction had already started when I pulled in. Lots of interesting toys. Old tin in the original boxes selling in the hundreds of dollars. Advertising stoneware as bringing more than $100 each. Lots of bidders but two rings to begin soon. I found the reason that I selected this auction. It is a beautiful old woodworker's bench. It was more than 8 feet long with a vice, holes of steel dogs and an expandable extension on the far end from the vice. They sold for about an hour and then the rain started. Just in time to wet down the paper items as they uncovered them.

I bought the work bench.
It only took 4 of us to load it into the truck. I also bought a great old time shopping cart, a bunch of red painted chairs, and a very nice sofa with two matching chairs. It was raining very hard so I decided to leave the upholstered furniture in the garage until Sunday. I made the second trip to pick up those items that would have been harmed by the rain.

Sunday night I am going to go to Gypsy Lea's to assist in the set up. I'll probably bring the chairs and sofa to see if they can be incorporated into the final set up. The sale starts on Thursday and the place already looks wonderful. I am hoping that a few hogs can find their places amongst all of the beautiful roses.

Mr. Flannery


ann at greenoak said...

what a great bench....

red.neck chic said...

I'm all over that old workbench. LOL I have one in my kitchen as an island - but it's not NEAR as impressive as YOURS! Dang - you've got the good stuff!!!

I like the shopping cart too!!!

;-) robelyn