Sunday, June 20, 2010

Start Over on the Transition

The guy from Dell came to my house on time and as promised. He replaced the motherboard, hard drive and the video card. Everything fired up fine and appears to be working properly. That's the good news. The bad news is that I lost everything that had been moved over to the new computer, all my videos and photos and a few documents from my real job. Luckily, except of the videos (I still have the DVDs) and the photos, everything is also on my old computer. So I get to start the transition all over again.

I just ordered a 2 TB external hard drive from TigerDirect. It only cost $149. I am going to wait for it to arrive before I start the transition in earnest. I am going to dump the entire old hard drive onto the external and then move it to the new computer. I'll drop most of it onto the new computer and then erase the external. Storage has become SO cheap that I'll probably buy a media player too and just use the external for media through my local network. (Now that is a dream. I have a rudimentary network built, but I want one of those mega this and XP-3388 whatever networks that I read about, and do not understand).

I have found the perfect piece of furniture to make my office makeover proper. It is a 5 foot wide wire metal shelving unit that will fit perfectly at the end of my desk and hold most of the computer, audio and video items that are stacked around, under and on top of my desk and makeshift shelves right now. Of course there is a catch. The particular shelving unit that will work perfectly is still in my garage stacked to the gunwales with 10,000 frames and other junk. I have looked at the big box stores and found that 3' wide and 4' wide wire shelf units are plentiful, but that 5' wide models are non-existent. So I will have to move enough stuff out of the garage to get to the shelves. Empty the shelves of their 10,000 frames, haul the unit out of the garage, just to start. Then I will have to put some other shelves up in the garage in the place of the 5 footer and restock those shelves.

Next I will go into my office and empty my desk and surrounding area and squeeze the 5 foot unit into place between the wall and the roll top desk. I will string the cables, wires and connectors for the 5 TV's, satellite receivers, VCRs, DVDs, surround sound receiver, monitors, computers, modems, network hubs and pencil sharpener that will be reinstalled in the updated "command center".

Damn, I'm already tired and I haven't done anything yet today.

Mr. Flannery


Greatma said...

Makes tired to just read about all the stuff you have to do!!!!!!!!!! I know my hard drive crashed, and I lost over 6,000 pictures, that can not be replaced!!! Now have back up. I have a love/hate relationship with my computer, love it, but hate all the crap you have to do to maintain, etc Antique Rose

Jaybird said...

Isn't it always that way???? Every time I want to do something I have to unload 33 tons of junk AND the cat, so that I can accomplish what I set out to do!!
Have a great week!

red.neck chic said...

How is the transition going? All of that was Greek to me, but I'm glad you know what you are doing. After your done - I have some computer stuff that needs to be transferred to a storage building so that when my computer crashes I don't loose 10 years of billboard artwork again.

I it's all going well this time around!
;-D robelyn