Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Command Center - Almost

Real work has been draining my time and energy. I hooked up my old computer to get things done on Monday and Tuesday morning. Then I decided to rip into my office "Command Center" and to get things going on the new office configuration.

I pulled most of the stuff out of my office. (I think that this is the first verified sighting of my entire desk top in 3-4 years). I moved my table, moved the roll top desk 2 inches, because I hadn't figured that the wider part of the shelves would hit exactly on the spot that the desk top protrudes. Assembled the wire shelves, disassembled the wire shelves, reassembled the wire shelves, pulled the shelves, pushed the shelves and finally got the shelves into place.

Then it was time to get the TV's connected. Get the computers connected, get the phones and DSL and LAN connected. Troubleshoot each of these connections at least three or four times before they work properly. And finally sit down in the 86* and 90% humidity, no breeze weather in my no A/C house, to rest.

I'm about half done. The set up looks great in the dark. I will be working on it for a couple more days. I hope that everything continues to function. It is going to be great.

Mr. Flannery


AngelMc said...

Looks good, but let me get this straight--you don't have air conditiong?!

Mr. Flannery said...

Angel - I live on the tundra. I live on the north end of a clear, cool lake, The prevailing winds are from the south in the summer. I have cross ventilation and ceiling fans in most rooms. There are only 1-2 days per year where it is too hot to sleep comfortably. And I have hot water, in floor heating, which is wonderful, but does not have duct work for A/C. Therefore no A/C for me. (I do remember thinking about sleeping in the truck during one streak of terribly hot weather a couple of years ago).

red.neck chic said...

I'll give you directions to AC when it comes time for you to go into "eskimo" mode this summer. There's a south wind here today... it's blowing at about 120 degrees. LOL

So... all of that was Greek to me again, but I like the sparkles of the monitors - understand the whole shelf thing and am in awe of you 'cause you know what you're doing!

:-) robelyn

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

That command center is seriously intimidating!
Do you launch missiles from that office chair??? :-)

AngelMc said...

Have you ever been to the deep south in the summer? It has been terrible. Walking outside is like sticking your head in a hot oven. The heat index has been 110. I was grown and gone before Mama finally got AC at home. I don't know how we stood it. I visited in Michigan one summer and was amazed that their house didn't have AC. What is the average summer temp up there?