Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It Lights Up My Life

I spent the morning rewiring an interesting 1920's Mediterranean style 5 arm chandelier. All of the wires going to each socket were crap. They claimed that it was working when they took it down, but if that was the case, they are damn lucky that the entire house didn't burn to the ground. It was much more a fire starter than a chandelier.

I have the best setting to work on this type of project. As long as it isn't raining.

The chandelier has a very nice, shabby touch of rust to it. Doesn't this wiring look wonderful? Just what I would want in my house.

Well it works and no flames are leaping from the new connections.

I'm going to bring it to Gypsy Lea's for the July sale. Now I have a crystal chandelier to tackle.

Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

Oh - I like the way it lights up your life!!! That's COOL!!! And your work spot? Oh..... that's perfect!

How many arms does the crystal chandelier have?

;-D robelyn

Anonymous said...

I like sparks

It's so plain now

You could have hooked up an old neon transformer and had a multiple Jacob's ladder

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I was not all that hot for your light. But, when those globes were added, I did see sparks flying! Awesome fixture! ~Mindy