Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Color Consultation Please!

I bought this cool 6 drawer metal file cabinet. It is a modular design, much like the lawyer's bookcases, there is a top piece and a pull out writing shelf section that fits on top of this section. It was primed gray and painted black over the original wood grained painted metal. The paint is failing so I need to redo it before it can go to the shop.

This is the carcass piece with the drawers removed. (I also bought the fossil fish sitting next to the carcass on the tail gate.)

The drawers have heavy brass handles that have also been painted black. I intend to strip them and put them back in place in their original brass coloring.

Now here's the question. I have sanded the paint off of the drawer faces. The original black is now bare metal gray steel. I painted one drawer face ceramic brake caliper red. I really like the bare metal look. Should I leave the cabinet bare metal steel gray or paint it? If paint, is red the right color or is some other color better?

I am really interested in your input. Please give me your ideas about this project.

Mr. Flannery


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Mr Flannery, this is a case where I say go bare. My reasoning is that whoever purchases it can then paint it the color they choose...a man may want black whereas a shabby gal may want white or pink...some will even love the "bare" industrial look.
You usually can't go wrong with nekkid.

The Primitique said...

I am liking the bare naked metal. But, what do your customers buy? If they like color over industrial looks, the red is kick booty. Do you have a buyer in mind? That usually sways my decision. Nice piece! ~Mindy

Mr. Flannery said...

No buyer in mind. No idea who buys this stuff at Gypsy Lea's. I just think that it will sell.

terry5732 said...

I'm with Mindy

I like the naked look

Put some playboy photos on them with clear shellac over them

red.neck chic said...

LOL @ Terry!!!

I say... paint the "case" the lipstick red... 'cause red rules. THEN! Leave the drawer fronts the raw metal. THEN! Paint the pulls black or more lipstick red.

I'd SO put that in my house.

;-D robelyn

Jaybird said...

Red and bare metal!!
Mostly red though :^)