Saturday, August 14, 2010

So Are These Cute?

I've been trying to stay away from auctions in an effort to reduce the rate of accumulation. Of course I went to an auction today. BUT, it was only a mile from my house and I got there 2 hours after it started. It was a strange auction. There were a few nice looking pieces of furniture, BUT they all had big piles of mouse nest and poop and urine in the drawers. It was disgusting. I bought a few uninfected pieces. A painted antique drop leaf table, a folding table, a chair and a large tin with a tight cover. I sold the chair and the folding table for 3X what I paid to other people who were at the auction. (Explain that please). Then I unpacked the tin.

I bought the tin because there was a nice spatterware advertising pitcher inside. BUT at the bottom of the tin I found this box. A super 1950's shoe box with a pair of kids cowboy boots inside. I showed them to others, mostly women, who confirmed that the boots, in their box, were hopelessly cute.

Mr. Flannery

PS - Here is another photo that was requested


terry5732 said...

You should know by the brand that they are COYOTE boots

red.neck chic said...

Hmmmmmm......... I say sell the boots - KEEP the box!!! The graphics on the box are SOOOOO cool that they surpass CUTE!!!

Just my opinion... LOL

;-D robelyn

DogpackMOMMA said...

Yup, cute boots & great box! Would you like to share the graphics via straight on photo of box onto your blog? Thanks.

AngelMc said...

ohhhh cute. Very cute.

DogpackMOMMA said...

Thank you much for the full on photo! I just have a thing for bronc riders!