Friday, December 10, 2010

December at Gypsy Lea's

As most of you know, I sell some of my hogs amongst the roses at Gypsy Lea's. This is a wonderful occasional sale shop in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. The occasional sale sees the shop open only four days each month. Gypsy Lea's takes this concept in another direction.

Most shops either have a single seller displaying her goods through-out the shop or multiple dealers, each with an assigned area that they are responsible for filling and decorating. At Gypsy Lea's we have 10 dealers, but no assigned spaces. Our goods are intermingled with my hogs popping up here and there right next to some of the roses. The entire shop is restocked and reset before each monthly sale. Its a lot of work, done mostly by Gypsy and Kris, but the presentation has a wonderful flow that doesn't happen in those shops with discrete spaces.

Our December sale started on Thursday. Here are some photos of the set-up.

A fabulous shelf unit made from the top of a Victorian pump organ painted a luscious red.

Ducks! Does anyone need some ducks?

I love this white enamel store scale.

And this large brown piece is my hog.

Mr. Flannery

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red.neck chic said...

I'd buy a duck...

LOVE the sled on the wall!!! It all looks like SO much fun!!!

Thank you for letting me weigh in on the photos...