Monday, December 13, 2010

Still Some Christmas Available at Gypsy Lea's

The snownami weather last weekend highlights one of the problems with our occasional sale model at Gypsy Lea's. A blizzard can white out an entire sale cycle. Luckily we had good sales on Thursday and Friday, but the blizzard really held down sales on Saturday and Sunday. Gypsy lives within a couple miles of the shop. Give her a call and she may be able to meet you concerning buying something that you see in the photos.

Lots of old white ironstone, silver and shiny items.

Heavy cast metal Art Nouveau trinket box.

School wall map of Iowa.

Office desk and chair c.1930's.

Mission style chandelier.

Antique incubator table.

It looks like black glass, but in direct light it shows dark purple. Great Bohemian crystal chandelier.

Cool doll size Victorian chair with a matching settee.

3 cubby mudroom hall tree.

Leather love seat. Pre-decorated Christmas tree.

Red Wing reed ware yellow mixing bowl circa 1934.

Yellow ware mixing bowl with cool basket weave design.

Red Wing yellow ware blue banded bowl.

3 lower cubby mudroom hall tree.

You can still do some Christmas shopping (maybe) at Gypsy Lea's.
Mr. Flannery


Gypsy said...

Thank you, Mr Flannery! I am happy to meet people for any/all of their shopping wants/needs!
Been getting a lot of calls/emails for Gift Certificates...
The number to call is 320.291.5083

Maureen said...

Winter is such a nuisance!

I am very curious to know how these monthly sales operate. There's nothing like it in my area and it might be worthwhile here.

P.S. I sold a 'trinket box" similar to the one you show. I identified it as a 'jewelry casket' and it sold for a nice price on ebay.

red.neck chic said...

I'll take all the red pieces please. Oh... and the chandelier. LOL

Last night I ate a mini-blizzard from DQ - thought about you and your snownami/blizzard - then busted out laughing 'cause the cup was manufactured in Minnesota.

It was good though... mint oreo.

Stay warm!!!
;-D robelyn