Thursday, December 2, 2010

Second Hand Rose and the Changing of the Guard

Mr. Flannery's adventures in the shabby world are predicated on my interaction with the Roses. My stuff is the hogs and the shabbies produce the roses. Well Buffalo, Minnesota's original occasional shop, Second Hand Rose, is making a transition to a new era this month.

Rose Darden, the first of the shabby Roses that I met, has been the founder, taskmaster, owner, mentor and inspiration for Second Hand Rose. She has a unique combination of business acumen and creative energy. Rose has herded her crowd of creative cats permitting them the room to "do their thing" while keeping the business on a sound footing.

Rose has sold the shop and semi-retired to the position of "just another dealer for awhile". I met the one of the new owners, Brad, as they were prepping for the December sale. He and his wife Amy are enthused and ready to keep Second Hand Rose as the premier occasional sales event in Buffalo. Rose is ready to "just create" without many of the business hassles and spend time with David doing different and exciting things.

The photos are just a sample of Second Hand Rose this month.

Good Luck to Rose with her new adventures, good luck to Brad and Amy on their new business and good luck to the many shabbies who sell at Roses in making the transition.

Mr. Flannery

P.S. - The December sale starts today, December 2nd, runs through Sunday.


SecondhandKris said...

Thanks for the nice words Peter! The end of an era - and cheers to a new one!

red.neck chic said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again...

I need to be there.

;-D robelyn

terry5732 said...

Dave the auctioneer wasn't feeling too well today. Mr Flannery went up and helped out with the auctioneering. Prices realised even started to pick up with his help. I had my video camera with and thought it would be good for youtube. When I got home the memory was blank.

red.neck chic said...

TERRY!!! You have to learn how to work that thing!!!!