Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Problems with Command Center II

As many of you know I am obsessed with televisions and establishing a multi-venue command center. I have been playing with TVs, computer monitors, home theater receivers and other electronic elements for the past 6 months. I think that the command center in my office is pretty close to "THERE". (3 HD TVs, 2 CRT TVs, 4 flat screen computer monitors, 2 computers, 2 printers all connected to 6 satellite receivers, surround sound and digital antenna).

So I decided that it was time to address my bedroom TVs. I attended the Black Friday Sale at Walmart. (Except I didn't fight with anyone and I got there about 8 AM). I bought 2 42" LCD TVs and I purposely bought two different brands so they could be next to each other without remote control interference.

This is what the bedroom set up looked like before the command center revamp.

When I got around to doing the bedroom I had abandoned the 2 42" plan and instead had decided that I would put a 20" HD TV next to a 42" HD TV over an older 27" TV. I also put a 22" HD monitor connected to the media player under the 20" HD TV. The 20" TV is a Vizio and the 42" is an Emerson. I set up the cables I connected the wires and I levitated the mounting arms from the wire shelves.

This is the bedroom with a nearly final configuration retaining the old entertainment center.

I tried using the Metro wire shelves for the set up, but decided I liked the entertainment center look better.

Well, after plugging and wiring and lifting I plopped onto the bed, remotes in my hand, ready to enjoy the picture next to a picture over a picture set up. DAMN! The remote for the Emerson also turned on the Vizio, and changed channels etc. whenever I tried either remote. Crap, the Emerson used the same remote codes as the Vizio, what to do?

I have the 2nd 42" LG HD TV from Black Friday. I'll just switch that out for the Emerson. So I hauled the 2nd TV upstairs and started to unpack it. I am struck by an inspiration. If I unpack the LG remote and try it on the Vizio TV I will know whether there is a problem without the substantial work of rewiring, plugging and lifting.

That was a good idea. The damn LG TV uses the same remote codes that Emerson and Vizio use. I saved some work, but now needed a different solution to the problem. I disassembled the Vizio from the bedroom and switched it out with a Sanyo from the office. That involved unplugging, rewiring and lifting and of course, because nothing is simple, I had to rearrange the office set up to avoid putting the bedroom Vizio next to the 32" Vizio that is already in my office.

I have revamped my bedroom set-up, rearranged 5 TVs after having them in place, and rejected a plan to use two older (2004) 32" heavy CRT TVs that are on the wire shelving. And I am not finished. The wire shelves on top of the entertainment center just barely fit on top of the old entertainment center. The steel upright poles are secured, partially, in place using 1/2 of an old wooden clothespin. Oh my, I'm glad I don't live in earthquake country. More work, plugging, lifting and rewiring will happen, but I am close to final design of the bedroom command center.

Mr. Flannery


Charlene said...

I have a 32" Westinghouse with a built in DVD player. It works fine.


Dot said...

I no longer wonder why you have been divorced forever.

Anonymous said...

When you get all done you'll find there is nothing worth watching

red.neck chic said...

If you substitute all of that (minus the remotes (and add a smaller tv - maybe less wiring... some fabrics and stuff)) you have my laboratory.

I totally get you.

LOL ;-)
What ARE you going to watch?


Mr. Flannery said...

I'm going to watch everything that interests me.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

LOL ohhh Mr. F ... I admire your spirit and tenacity. I am just thrilled to have a cable hook up in almost every room AND one remote that works.

Karen said...

OMG...when I saw this I thought the same thing as DOT...LOL.

Jill said...

Have to say...I'm wondering what you'll watch too!! Got to love your set up though.

princess said...

so sweet

Jaybird said...

I'm dizio!!!
Good luck with all of that :^)