Monday, January 3, 2011

Gypsy Lea's Version 2011.01(beta)

We are starting to get the shop set up for the January sale. Gypsy and Katie spent the morning and afternoon taking down and packing away Christmas. Kris and Linda, with Gypsy, then started the preliminary shuffling of stuff into position. I had real work to do in nearby Foley, so I stopped in to offer sage advice. Of course, because I was appropriately dressed in coat and tie, I was assigned dusting and oiling pieces with an Old English scratch cover soaked rag. We only got a few vignettes outlined, but the place is going to look good (again) for the January sale.

Of course it was snowing. After all this is January on the tundra.

My input involved the cow skull overlooking the Victorian settee. The chances of this remaining in the final set-up are -- ZERO.

Kris and Mike's incubator now coffee table, fills this black table in the window.

I bought a bunch of interesting signs, this one old and in metal, at an on line auction of restaurant items. The signs were decor in a 40 year old English pub style restaurant in the Twin Cities.

This slightly bruised but large loving cup is another hog for the January sale.

Mr. Flannery

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red.neck chic said...

The loving cup needs to come down (you could put the skull there - although I giggle at it over the settee) and send the cup to me.

Thank You. LOL It looks GREAT so far!!! Snow? What's that... I think the high today is 70 or sumthin'...

;-D robelyn
(p.s. the required wardrobe for dusting and polishing IS a suit and tie... just so you know.)