Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It was a Heck of a Tuesday

Today was dealer day at Second Hand Rose. I usually sell a couple of things and don't even have to do any straightening for the Thursday first day of the sale. Well today was very different. One person bought every sign in my space plus the gym locker unit. She then called me at home and bought the other seven units that were still lashed on my trailer. We did a little negotiating and I agreed to deliver all the lockers to her shop in Minneapolis. I grabbed my trailer and headed east.

Of course the locker and the signs were in the back of my space. So everything in my space had to be moved and removed to get the pieces out. I loaded the lockers from the shop onto the trailer and resumed my trek to the big city. These lockers are definitely heavy and the impact of the full trailer was reflected on the gas gage. I got to Hunt and Gather and two young woman came out and unloaded the trailer. I assisted, but they did most of the work. I was impressed, they worked their butts off.

Back to Buffalo and a complete redo of my space. It looks great, and I certainly do not want to complain about sales, but this complete redo after one day may be a PITA. I brought in a butcher block top work bench and some more signs. The departure of the big red Fireman's Ball sign has freed up wall space and dampened the color in the space a little. I now have prints and paintings properly hung on the walls, new old signs in place and a decent look for the sale. I am most surprised that my rusty chain garlands remain undisturbed. Maybe all the dealers have enough rusty chain to make their own once they steal the idea.

All in all it was a heck of a birthday.

Mr. Flannery


Jill said...

It does sound like a heck of a Tuesday. Congrats on the sale and a very happy birthday to you!

alice said...

Best birthday prize! More cash=more stuff!
Smiles, Alice
I know you had a good day! Happy birthday to you

ann at greenoak said...

thats great....all you mentioned is what i would like to buy too....and the red sign was so neat....can you say what lockers usually sell for up there at a retail place?i got outbid on some but they were pretty rough....and hooked together..some of the lock parts were gone....i liked your mesh ones too...