Monday, November 28, 2011

Its Christmas at Second Hand Rose

The December sale at Second Hand Rose starts on Thursday, December 1st. I spent most of the day Sunday at the shop getting my space together and all the items priced. Most of the dealers stopped by to finish up their spaces yesterday so the whole place was rocking. We had all four spaces with 6 people working in the front room at the same time. Oh my! While the roses have their spaces decorated for Christmas with their elegant designs or festive displays, my hogs are lurking under rusty chains and cast iron faces.

This antique oil on canvas painting is little shabby but the Art Nouveau frame is fabulous.

Balls and rusty chains make festive garlands in the hog pen.

Lots of nice burlap sacks under a cool rustic table.

Car mirror as a shelf.

Cast iron HOG.

The brass yacht helm ships wheel is English made about 1900.

The long black slate topped table is a lab table from a local high school.

I even have one of the middle school gym locker units into the space this time.

The classics are here. Four different dogs playing poker framed together.

Its going to be a great sale.

Mr. Flannery

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Anonymous said...

Such a nice place and good placement of items! A good place to take your time in!