Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My How Time Flu (s)

Your humble correspondent, having put off a flu shot at least a dozen times in the past 4 months, has succumb to the flu. Kill me please, it will be easier that turning my lungs inside out to scrape off the mucus. I am a fairly healthy person and I am not a baby about a little pain of soreness, but damn I want to whine about how crappy I feel. I ventured out of my house for the first time since Saturday and now feel a relapse descending on me.

Last Saturday I attended an auction and started to feel sick. I was pretty sure it was from the stench coming from guy who had not bathed or changed clothes since the 1990's. The auction room was crowded. He'd sit somewhere and a large vacant ring would form around him. Ultimately one of the auctioneers had to ask him to leave. I suggested either the sheriff or Tide, but he finally left. It was terrible, sad and disgusting.

So already starting down the path to flu and with my stomach retching from the smell of this person I drove home in a fog (inside my head, not out in the country). I have been there ever since. Babe has been useless, he still wants to be fed and go outside and play and prod and split my head with his bark. I guess you can't expect care giving from a Yellow Lab. Maybe its hair color, my ex-wife wasn't much better. (Henny).

I still have a ton of work to do to get ready for Gypsy Lea's. I bought a (oh My) blond 1950's serving cart that I must paint and I am going to bring in one of my ladders and one of the rolling doors. Maybe tomorrow, when time quits flu(ing).

Mr. Flannery


Anonymous said...

POOR Mr. Flannery!! You make me laugh even when you're sick. If sympathy have mine! I hope you feel better soon!

terry5732 said...

There was two stacks of old churchview plates - about 20. I didn't even look through them in preview because I assumed you would be all over them. Grumble