Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gypsy Lea's - Before the Magic

I am always amazed by the way Gypsy Lea's looks when we open for the monthly sale on the 2nd Thursday of the month. The shop uses such a unique business model that I am surprised how it is implemented. We are only open 4 days each month, which seems very strange. And we are a multi-dealer shop but there are no assigned dealer spaces. The 4 day each month model has some interesting features that I'll talk about some other time. Its the no assigned space model that I'd like to feature.

Most multi-dealer shops assign so many square feet to each dealer and that dealer is responsible for stocking and styling her space. The dealer develops her own vignette, style and merchandise. Hopefully those features will coordinate and compliment each other and give some cohesion to the shop as a whole. The shopping experience is that of walking down the street looking into a number of distinct small shops.

Gypsy Lea's uses an entirely different model. We have 8-9 dealers, each with a distinct style and variety of merchandise. However that merchandise is displayed as a whole. My hogs are intermingle with the rusty roses from Kris and Gypsy's smoothly black painted flowers. There are shopping vignettes, but not booths. The shoppers are treated with a display that integrates all the items into a unique style, maybe rusty floral hogs. The downside is that set up cannot be delegated to the individual dealer preparing her space. It has to be set up as a whole by a crew over a short period of time. That's the magic.

I was at Gypsy's on Thursday attempting to pin a few hogs back together. The magic hadn't happen yet. Gypsy and Kris had spent some time in one corner that looked good, but the rest of the shop was still in its pre-set up mayhem.

I love this green glass bangle chandelier that Gypsy got at auction last week. Its going to be a feature item near the check-out counter.

This is my locker unit, still on the dolly waiting to be rolled into its final space.

This is the area where Kris and Gypsy have started set up. It will look even more betterer by next Thursday.

Gypsy bought some "clouds" from a defunct lighting store. They are going to add a new look to our lighting displays.

This is a cool baubled candle stand that will also be featured.

The only thing interesting right now about this orange crate end is the name of the owner, Dale Bumstead.

The homemade chocolate sauce awaits display on some wonderful piece of furniture.

My columns, currently without their capitals in place, fully assembled, will flank the passage way to the lower level.

My red chicken brooder piece will be a ceiling medallion for a chandelier this month.

I am happy that I don't have to figure out how to integrate this mass of merchandise. I just lift and haul and place as I am told by the masters of the set up. It will look great by next Thursday.

Mr. Flannery

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red.neck chic said...

Okay... is the locker still on the roller? 'cause... I have somewhere you can roll it after you have it filled with the chocolate sauce and anything else you deem interesting!!!

I hope ya'll have a WONDERFUL sale this week-end!!!

Now I'm craving chocolate...

;-) robelyn