Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two Auctions and a Funeral

So the weather has taken a decidedly nice turn towards Spring here on the tundra. The snow is 99% gone and the mud is even drying out. Of course this brings on one of my favorite rites of Spring involving icy water and wet dogs. The ice will be out on the Lake in about 3 weeks but it is already starting to recede from the shore. There is now about a 5 foot space of open water at the shoreline. And then there's my boy, Babe. He has decided that slopping around in the mud is not enough, he also needs that open water for a little swim. The water temperature has to be about 33*, but there he is paddling away having a little swim. I now have a wet dog smelling friend sitting on my feet just enjoying his little Labrador world.

I have been busy with other events too. I attended two auctions this weekend. Got a few interesting things, but nothing to write here about. Also the father of a good friend was buried this weekend. I had a funeral to attend. Thus the title.

I have been working outside the past few days. That is one of those great rites of Spring. I even prepared a couple of small pieces for the shop, a freshly painted bright red Ethan Allen Early American stool and nice red wooden garden tote. Of course, I had to relearn a couple of the spray painting rules. First, make sure that the nozzle is pointing away from your palm. My bright red palm and fingers will attest to my slow learning on that point. And second, spray with the wind. Spraying into the wind causes a red cloud to envelope your face. Only took two upwind blasts to remind me of that rule.

Tomorrow I get to haul a cupboard to Maple Lake Antiques, load a cabinet for Gypsy Lea's, buy some more wonderful bright red spray paint at the surplus store in St. Cloud, unload the cabinet in Sauk Rapids and then attend an auction at Dave Miller's. It will be a good day here on the tundra.

Mr. Flannery

P.S. I have another locker unit for Gypsy Lea's April sale.


Breslie said...

Hello Mr. Flannery,
I am impressed by your photography skills. Love the duck. It reminds me of an old song I would hear the residents in the nursing home sing, "Yes, we have no bananas." Odd. Keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you again, Mr. Flannery! Sorry to hear about your spray paint lessons...(ok, so i'm laughing)...see you later today!

Maureen said...

Sounds like something I would do! Too funny.

Labs are something else when it comes to water. My sister's lab goes airborne off her deck into the swimming pool. Such great dogs.