Friday, March 5, 2010

A New Line of Purses at Gypsy Lea's

Two months ago Gypsy dipped a toe into the sellin' purses waters. I don't know nuthin' about them, but a lot of the women seem to be quite enthralled by the choices. Most are made from parts of fur coats with fancy baubles, beads and bangles. They aren't "Hogerific", but I guess they're cute.

Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

I know this crazy girl that has a whole pig pen full of hogerific bags!!! She's movin' the whole thing next week-end to ft. worth to set up in a poultry barn... how do pigs mix with chickens?

Okay - those are furtastically cute! And I love the display door!!! Anything sparkley and girly for my arm and I'm all over it!!!

;-) Robelyn

AngelMc said...

Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Flannery! We missed you today! Not another flat tire I hope...he he he. The purses are fabulous! They're all hand made and are in fact made from fur coats with fabulous embellishments. The ones pictured are of Auburn Mink, Light Mink, Dark Mink, and one of Wolf.