Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cables, Cables Everywhere

Well, here is an expose of another of my many foibles. I like electronics stuff, new school, old school it doesn't really matter. I especially like picking up the stuff at auctions. I am always up for buying a box of cables or an old VCR (I think that I even have a Betamax somewhere). I've been reassembling my computer/television/stereo system in my workspace. Of course I keep finding new or different things to incorporate so it will always be a work in progress. Here are some views of the current state of affairs.

One of the downsides of buying things at auction is that they may not work. These three VCRs were DOA. I tried them, something is wrong, so now I get to pay to dispose of them. (Maybe I'll consign them to auction like the previous owners did. Bahhhh!)
I need cables to connect things together, to split the signals and to mess up the house. Here are some of the boxes.
I'm going to put this wide screen monitor on the mantle to get a great satellite picture in the sitting area. It isn't connected yet because I have to crawl into the kitchen cabinets and drill a hole to the cabinets in the family room. Now I'm pretty sure this is no problem, but then I'm a little troubled about where those pipes and wires run inside the wall.
I also seem to collect a lot of remotes. These are for the old 36" TV in the sunroom.
I installed a new (for me) HP printer and bigger 2nd monitor in my office yesterday. My workspace is "almost" there.

I'm headed to Gypsy Lea's in Sauk Rapids to prepare for the March sale. That event is next week and I'm running behind, as usual.

Mr. Flannery


AngelMc said...

Mr Flannery, we all have to have our "stuff" don't we? I'm amazed all the monitors on your work desk, as I sit here with my laptop, eBook and iPhone all connected and charging....sigh.

red.neck chic said...

Well, last night while I was diggin' in the laboratory thru piles of fabric I thought about you and your cords and cables.... then I think the green-eyed monster came out for a second 'cause my thoughts turned to how ORGANIZED your cords, cables and stacks of cool things that are interesting to you are. And then, it occurred to me that I could never show you my laboratory because I have Dr. Pepper cans and coffee cups instead of Diet Coke cans...

;-) robelyn

p.s. the green circuit boards(?) and chips and stuff inside of DOA electronics are great for the "steam punk" jewelry makers... don't ask me what steam punk is, but I bet you could sell those if you demolished them!!!