Monday, November 15, 2010

Back Into the Breach We Charge

It isn't the charge of the Light Brigade, but we are getting ready for a special sale next Friday and Saturday at Gypsy Lea's. Gypsy and Kris are decorating a room at the Zonta Christmas House fund raiser on Friday and Saturday. We are going to have the shop open in conjunction with this event. So next weekend is the only time that we break from our 4 days each month occasional sale format. Experience has shown us that we get a good deal of traffic on this weekend.

Last weekend's regular four day sale was very active so there are a lot of holes and spaces in the set up that need to be filled. That is a good thing, but it puts a huge strain on Gypsy and Kris in getting things ready for Zonta House and filling and resetting the shop by next Friday.

I agreed to bring in a few items that I have that may help fill the spaces. I was pulling a cupboard out of storage this afternoon. I had it balanced on one end when a door swung open. The glass smashed onto the top of my head. The glass shattered into a number of large shards and rained onto my shoulders and hands. Now, being hopelessly Swedish, there are no vital parts exposed by a blow to the head, but I feel that just got a haircut feeling on my back. And I will have to get a pane of glass cut to fit the door.

I loaded an Arts and Crafts buffet, a wardrobe trunk and the cupboard into my pickup and will be heading to Sauk Rapids in a few minutes. Hopefully the rest of the trip will be uneventful.

Mr. Flannery


jovialjudi said...

Oh gosh! Hoping you have no actual glass shards stuck in you somewhere! Hoping the rest of your day is uneventful. I tell you what a dork I am. I scrolled down and read your table post and said to myself...oh my goodness! I am going to report this post to the original blog I read it on! And then...I saw it WAS you! LOL (I would be keeping that table! ;-))

red.neck chic said...


your so graphic in your loading stories... a haircut, huh? LOLOLOL

I am SOOOOOOOO glad you weren't hurt!!! ;-D

Can't wait to see pictures!!!

terry5732 said...

A little bit of stretch wrap keeps the doors in place when moving