Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Fold Out Bed Chairs?

Last week I posted a story about acquiring 3 chairs that folded out into single beds. Well I finally took some photos of the animals before they sell from Gypsy Lea's.

I think that they are grayish green, while Kris and Gypsy say that they are greenish gray. Either way I know that they are comfortable as chairs.

They are originally from a hospital where they were used by a parent to stay in the room with a sick child.

Mr. Flannery


Anonymous said...

COOOOL chairs - haven't run across these before in my 30 years selling and buying.....sure they will sell fast!


Charlene said...

The bed chair is a good idea!

Margo said...

Oh this brings back memories of when my oldest was in the hospital with croup. I slept in one of those, or something similar. They are very hand for parents. Hope they sell, and are used for more happy sleeping in the future.

AngelMc said...

OMG the only way they are comfortable is by the third night in them. By then you are so tired you could sleep on a bed of nails.

trash talk said...

I have slept in one of those so much in the past two years...I get the heebie/jeebies looking at them!
They are cool though. We bought several of the nurses's beds that were used in schools.

red.neck chic said...

yikes! anything to do with hospitals has me running for the hills...

but - those are cool!