Sunday, November 21, 2010

Its Been a Busy Week

So far this week I've experienced:

5 swans a swimming
4 auctioneers a chanting
3 chandeliers a selling
2 days a working, and
Babe carrying a branch as big as any tree.

The tundra swans are migrating through central Minnesota. Dozens were on the lake near my house, joined by ducks, geese, loons, coots and all sorts of waterfowl. They will probably stay nearby until the lake freezes over. The five were swimming and feeding right outside my office. As they dipped over to feed one of my favorite events occurred. Swan butts.

I attended four auctions this week. I think that my head is still ringing with the chants. But I found some pretty interesting things ranging from fake deer to a black glass and crystal chandelier. Some items went directly into the shop, while others will need some processing before they are ready for resale.

Gypsy Lea's was open for our special Zonta Christmas House two day sale. I hauled some bigger pieces in one day and worked one day of the sale. It appeared to be Mr. Flannery's day at the sale. The two big pieces of furniture that I just had brought in, sold almost immediately. Three chandeliers, including one purchased at auction the day before, sold while I was working too. Kris and Gypsy worked hard getting the shop set for the sale and my sales show it. Pieces big and small where flying out the door.

And of course Babe was carrying a big stick. He is a very typical Labrador. He is most comfortable while carrying something. Usually it is a stick and the bigger the better. Babe is always so happy and energized. He makes me happy just watching his enthusiasm and optimism. He misses the squirrel 200 times and is still certain that he will get it the next time. He knows that he will succeed.

Mr. Flannery


Maureen said...

Sounds like a good week on the tundra! Good for you!

red.neck chic said...


as long as Babe isn't beatin' the squirrels with the overly large stick all should be well. LOLOLOL

swan butts and crystals... and deer... what a week!!!

;-D robelyn

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

well sounds like you've been busier than the leapin' lords...and you have to admire Babe's optimism.