Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting Ready for the June Sales

The weather has been great, mostly, and Babe and I have been getting a lot of stuff ready for the June sales at Gypsy Lea's and Second Hand Rose.

Babe is surveying the wreck that was our yard.

A warehouse cart in shellac and ready to haul to the shop tomorrow.

A wonderful steel topped cart.

And a garden cart with bicycle style wheels.

A carpenter's tool chest in process.

Part of an old piece of farm equipment.

Springy metal 1950's lawn chairs. Very chippy in their 5-6 coats of paint.

The pickup is full of the smalls from the Gibbon Ballroom auction last Saturday.

The fancy door from a fancy cast iron stove.

A piece from old farm equipment, New Idea brand.

The metal parts bin, above and the medical lamps, below, will be at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo next week.

Its been a good week and the sales should be great.

Mr. Flannery


dinahk said...

are the white lamps going to SHR?

Mr. Flannery said...

Dinah - The medical lamps in the last picture are at Second Hand Rose.