Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Days Like Today - I Have the Best Workshop in the World

Its a beautiful day here on the tundra. The temp is about 73* and there is a light breeze from the south. I have been working on 5-6 different projects on the driveway today. I have the 2 carts, 2 carpenter's trunks, a dry sink and a cedar chest. So Babe and I went to work with the pressure washer, garden trailer and orbital sander.

This is why I say I have the best workshop today. That is the million dollar view.

Of course Babe is always ready.

I worked on this three wheel steel cart yesterday. I cut down the tongue and reset the front wheel. I pressure washed it today. I am going to sand it tomorrow and then shellac it.

This is a wood carpenter's chest that is drying out from the wash.

A larger carpenter's chest ready for sanding and shellac. I think that I am going to patch the holes in the floor with some old fancy printed tin can pieces.

A steel and wood garden cart with bicycle style wheels. Again sanded and shellacked then off to the shop.

The dry sink and cedar chest will be sanded and shellac tomorrow.

Mr. Flannery


Jami Lea Lewison said...

Loving the stuff you're working on Mr Flannery!!

Carter said...

How about that pot/planter? Is that going too?

Mr. Flannery said...

Carter - that's a Weller Pottery umbrella stand with huge cracks that have been poorly glued together. I'll probably bring it to the shop for the June sale.

red.neck chic said...

You wouldn't get one little bit of work out of me if I were there - I'd be sitting with a fishing pole in one hand (not baited - just looking like I'm a fisherwoman)and my toes in the water. LOL

LOVE the dry sink!!! And the cart...

;-D robelyn

antiquedealer said...

I want/need your workshop view!!