Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hogs Amoungst the Roses

Earlier I stated that I was going to re-evaluate my entire junkin' enterprise. I need to get myself out from under all of the merchandise that I have accumulated. Step one of this re-evaluation includes increasing my sales. I am going to participate in the Buffalo sales this month (and maybe next month too) as a guest dealer at Second Hand Rose. My hogs will be on display in the midst of the many Roses.

The sale starts on Thursday and I have my space all set up and almost decorated. I used to do the individual set up at the Porch the last time that I sold in Buffalo, but my recent time at Gypsy Lea's has spoiled me. Gypsy, Kris and others have done the set up including my hogs as I dropped them off. Here at SHR I have to do my own set-up. I have a greater appreciation for the work that Gypsy, Kris and others do for me.

I have the space just inside the front door of Rose's. Its about 10' by 10' and it took me a while to actually figure out how much stuff it takes to fill the space.

I have lockers, tables, large roll-top doors hung from the walls, many, many mixing bowls, some lamps and other furniture and the best of all, a ten nipple calf feeder Nurs-Ette.

I hope that these hogs don't spoil the show for the roses.

Mr. Flannery


terry5732 said...

I am positively SHOCKED that you would part with bowls!

red.neck chic said...

Oh my gosh - go get that chair with the wooden arms - I'll be there shortly. LOL That chair is SOOOOOOOOOOO cool and what I want for my living room!!!

Dang. Dang and double dang. I need to raid your space. LOVE it all!!! You're going to have nothing left to haul home I assure you.

;-D robelyn

Anonymous said...

You consider parting with that Nurs-Ette pig feeder ???
I was one of a few who produced those a long time ago....