Saturday, May 28, 2011

Its an Industrial Theme

I started the in shop set up at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo today. I took out most of the antiques and other woody type stuff from last month and decided to go with a much harder, metalic industrial theme for June. I have steel; rusted, tubular, stainless and galvanized.

This movable stairway is going to make a fantastic display piece. The green porcelain medical grade scale on the right is from a clinic.

My center space is an industrial threefur. A great oak top industrial cart with a single pedestal restaurant table topped by a stainless steel topped work bench.

The 3rd wall needs more work. Its a stainless steel topped counter with a galvanized steel parts bin mounted above.

This is my favorite piece. A three wheel steel cart with a great rust and shellac surface.

I have more to do, this setting up my own space with my own stuff is so different from the way we do things are Gypsy Lea's that I am relearning some old skills.

Mr. Flannery

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Debbie said...

Good morning "Mr. Flannery"...long time, no see! Your display looks great and you have some nice pieces...I hope they are good sellers for you. Deb