Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Racing to the Finish Line

I have all the big pieces in place for the February sale at Second Hand Rose. I have items stacked and jammed and prodded into my space. Kind of like getting 10 pounds of potatoes into a 5 pound sack. While the others have seamlessly blended their elegant roses into stunning displays, my hogs have been penned up in a bursting at the seams presentation.

Even with my less than elegant displaying technique the stuff looks pretty damn good. I'm about 95% finished. I have a couple of things to hang from the ceiling, a couple of boxes of smalls to smear over the big items and a couple of hours of pricing and tagging left to do.

There are two warehouse carts (the carts that Restoration Hardware sells for $1095) both made by Nutting Truck Co. of Faribault, Minnesota.

One of the carts is a nice medium brown color and the other is almost black.

The carts are stacked and then prodded under the slate top lab table with its newly painted aluminum colored base.

The cabinet has four doors, shelves and a bottom drawer. The brass stars and cowhide inserts are unique.

Industrial lights have been made into a double hanging pendant, perfect for over a center island or counter.

There is a Bohemian crystal chandelier. In the background is a red wrought iron rocker with great vintage fabric stacked on top of the cowhide cabinet.

In the other corner is this railroad file cupboard. It still has its Chicago & Northwestern inventory tag on the back.

I finished another vintage pallet top table. This one is on an aluminum painted base from a dental office.

A large 1932 commercial coffee grinder in the shape of a coffee pot. (And it works).

A milk crate filled with white painted letters is under the pallet table.

Some more signs and boxes are stacked on the floor. And to the left is a great little serving cart from an architect's office.

Wood carved angel overlooking the space from the door frame.

And above the doorway as you exit, a different kind of angel.

Mr. Flannery

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red.neck chic said...

dang... you wouldn't be able to get me out of your spot. LOL LOVE the coffee grinder!!! That is so cool!

I like your exit angel! LOLOL

;-D robelyn