Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Starting for February Sale

We had January off at Second Hand Rose, but now the February sale is appearing on my radar. I want to change up my space almost completely. So on Monday I emptied out my space. I boxed up a lot of smalls and hauled the bigger pieces to storage. I pulled the new pieces from storage and brought them into the shop. I'm going at the redo in stages and I hope to refrain from jamming myself up with too many pieces in my space that I have to dance around while trying to set up.

My first task was hanging my large tambor door piece on the wall. The building wall is very thin and a nail or screw will pull out with just a picture hanging from it. The tambor door was used like a mini garage door in an old telephone company switching station. The door would keep dust off of the switches and would be rolled up for access to work on them. Now the door will be adding a unique backdrop and a place to hang items.

The door is almost 8 feet long and 6 feet tall. It was a real puzzle to get it screwed into place all by myself. I think that it looks pretty good.

I also set up my high school lab table. It originally came with a light oak colored base. I painted the base aluminum to give the piece a much more industrial sort of look.

This Nutting warehouse cart is still in storage. It will come into Second Hand Rose in the next couple of loads. I hope to put a coat of poly on it before it is covered with other items for sale.

I brought in a bunch of botanical prints and a folk art nude oil painting to get hung on the walls before too much furniture gets placed in my way.

Mr. Flannery

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