Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lookin' Good at Gypsy Lea's

I hauled my heavy wrought iron fence and some other items into Gypsy Lea's this afternoon. The plan was to do our outside set up tonight, so that it was in place for our opening tomorrow morning. I took a few minutes to get some photos of the inside set up. It is Lookin' Goooood!!!

My heavy concrete urns will be selling for about $.03/pound.

Well here you go - a cockeyed cow.

My aircraft size table is buried into the center of the shop. Hidden in plain sight. It will be a great craft/project table for one of our customers.

Mr. Flannery

1 comment:

red.neck chic said...

I will take the cockeyed cow LOLOLOL and the white end table sitting on top of the dining table and the...

okay - there are several things I need.

Great pictures!!!

;-) robelyn