Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pioneer Power was a Dusty Good Time

Kris and Mike and I went to the Pioneer Power Swap Meet in Lesueur yesterday. I was ready to go at 5 AM but Kris and Mike were a few minutes late. There were excuses about alarms and make-up and hair, and then Kris added some of her excuses. We were off in good sted and good time.

We rented a golf cart this year, bad knees, heavy purchases and long distances in previous years made us realize that hoofing it though the huge display was no longer practicable. Kris' first purchase, a large steel drain cover dome. We strapped it to the cart and off we went.

The first of many flying pigs.

My favorite piece. A carved wood dudad from a summer cottage near Saratoga NY. Unfortunately at a sale price of $150, I only have a photo.

Ok is a group of flying pigs a herd or a flock? (Maybe because they are flying pigs they are a fantasy).

Kris bought a really crappy bicycle and the Gandy seeder.

We just dropped things off at the trailer as we filled the cart. We had to sort and properly pack before we hit the road home.

It has been so dry that it was very dusty at the Swap Meet this year. Two years ago it was torrential rain and then snow. Last year it was heat. This year it was dust. Next year it will be locust or frogs. (If we continue following the Biblical model). I had a good time. We found some interesting stuff. I'll be ready to face those frogs next year.

Mr. Flannery


Marge said...

I tried to talk hubby into going yesterday but he said too much walking, bad knees. Didn't know they had golf carts to rent. Oh well, maybe next year. Looks like a lot of really good junk!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mr. Flannery ~
I can't wait to see some of the treasures you have pictured! Congratulations on a great "hunt"

SecondhandKris said...

Ah, what a wonderful day Peter!! Thanks for being the designated driver - and a lot of fun as usual!!

red.neck chic said...

I am laughing so hard... I don't suppose any of those loaded tractors were on YOUR trailer, were they?

Glad Mike got his hair dried and his make-up on prior to your road trip - I wouldn't want you and Kris pretending you didn't know him or anything.

If I had been there - I would have thumb wrestled - and won - for the Hostess sign. LOL Probably the crappy bike as well... I could add it to my collection! As for the flying pigs? It's all I can do to not grab up every one that I see and send it flyin' in your direction. LOLOL It's AMAZING how you get around isn't it? Must the wings...

Or the herd of wings... or the flock of wings.... hmmmmm....

Glad you guys had FUN!!! Next year you're gonna have to rent a bigger golf cart 'cause I'll be piling stuff on as well. Not locusts though. I'll leave those in Texas. HA!

;-) Happy Monday!