Friday, April 16, 2010

Redecking the Trailer

I bought this trailer at auction about 6 years ago for almost nothing. The deck was a little bit punky, but it has been very serviceable for my furniture dancing needs. Well the deck finally gave out last fall. Mike almost put his foot all the way through it while loading some sort of treasure. We decided that a new deck would be needed this Spring. Well its Spring and we put a new deck on the trailer today.

The old deck was some rotted old 2" x 8"s that had been overlaid with pressure treated plywood somewhere along the way. I spent the morning ripping the old pieces off and loading them into my other trailer for a trip to the demolition landfill someday. Then I hauled the trailer to Mike's so we could redeck it. We went to the lumber yard and I was very surprised that 10 12' 2x8's only cost $66.

We used the finest imported lumber.

I think that she looks great. I have some side rails that I made from part of an old pig loading chute. I am going to paint them red. And I have a nice set of chrome baby moon hub caps to add to the wheels. We are going to look very fancy when we head to LeSueur for the Antique Farm Equipment Show and Flea Market next Friday.

Mr. Flannery


SecondhandKris said...

What an awesome job you two did! Glad I could at least provide lunch before I conked out! Nothing like that imported lumber from the great country of Texas!! Suppose it will help us find as many good treasures as we see on RNC and Primitiques sites???? Hope so!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Texas wood. Can life get better? Looks good! ~Mindy

terry5732 said...

I predict copious rain for the end of next week - bring a tarp

Jaybird said...

That is PERFECT wood!!!!!! You need to come on down to pick up the next load....East Texas Woods has some beautiful stuff and cheap too :^)
Y'all did a good job!!
The Texas Jaybird