Friday, April 2, 2010

Its an Aircraft Carrier Size Table

I have transferred one of my most troubling live auction traits to the on-line auctions. I have always said that I buy the heaviest thing that isn't a tractor. Well it seems that plan applies to on-line auctions too. I bought this great art table last week on-line. It is over 40" wide on the wide end, 8' long and more than 3' tall. The base is welded steel with curly-que stretchers. In place, the top has the looks of the deck of an aircraft carrier.

I traveled to Minneapolis to pick up the table at the bankrupt art shop. Unfortunately I had not got back on line to bid on other wonderful items before the auction closed. And fortunately I had not got on line in time to bid more. Because there were many more wonderfully heavy items. I loaded the table to the cart and in to the pickup by myself and headed for Gypsy Lea's.

We are in set up mode at Gypsy Lea's. The sale starts next Thursday and Gypsy has been mobilizing the dealers to get things ready earlier than usual. So here I come, with a bright red dresser and an aircraft carrier size table to add to the mix. Most people would have said, nope the table is just too big to fit in now, but not Gypsy. She said lets get it in.

We moved some of the already set items, disassembled the base from the top of the table and reset it inside the shop. It is so big that it really didn't take up that much room. That's because we stacked items under, on top and around it without destroying its visual impact. A very neat trick, hiding it in plain sight.

So the table is incorporated in the shop. Next I have 11 large pieces of antique wrought iron fence and 6 large concrete urns to bring in. All in keeping with the theme, heaviest item that isn't a tractor.

Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

I'd like to hurtle that table too....


I've gotta a tractor for you when you're ready. LOLOLOL

That table is SO cool!!! AND the red dresser!!!

;-) robelyn

Anonymous said...

HAPPY EASTER, Mr. Flannery.

Jaybird said...

Yep, that confirms that you must be related to us somehow. Everyweekend when I am changing things around, I wonder "how in the WORLD did that junk get so much heavier". Yikes!!
That table is too cool and I am so jealous that someone else will get the wonderful red dresser!