Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Should Vamp Before I Revamp

The house re-vamp is a work in progress. I decided to take the three piece set home instead of to the shop. So I pulled the couch and two chairs out of the family room; moved the couch, 2 chairs and ottoman from the sunroom (complete with Hogerific pillow) into the family room; brought the couch, loveseat and chair from the auction into the sunroom; and hauled the old family room couch out to the trailer to haul to the shop. Babe and I did this by ourselves.

The office revamp has not really started but I do have almost all the cabinets in the sunroom emptied so I can cable TVs, computers and satellite receivers through out the house. Changing the location of three rooms full of furniture in the midst of this revamp means that I am vamping on top of the revamp that is also being revamped.

These are doors made from two 1905 Arts and Crafts stained glass windows that I bought at a college building pre-destruction auction. They are now the entrance from the sunroom into the family room.

The sunroom before being vamped. The cabinets have been emptied for the other revamp also in progress. The green couch and these chairs have been replaced.

The "new" couch, loveseat and chair from the Miller auction have been placed in the sunroom. Willie clearly appreciates the new arrangement.

Simon and Burt like the new chair too.

Willie head on.

The chair from the sunroom with its Hogerific pillow looks great in the family room.

Mr. Flannery

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