Saturday, May 29, 2010

It was a Hot Time at the Flea Market

Saturday was a beautiful day here on the tundra. High of 87*, sunny with a breeze from the south. I followed through with my idea from last week and set up at the local flea market again today. I stopped at an auction on Thursday evening and brought the entire load right to the flea at 9:00 PM. (There is an advantage to living only about 3 miles from the site). I brought a full trailer and a couple more trucks full of stuff there on Friday. All the time the Weather was beautiful and the predictions for Saturday were just as good.

I got to the flea at 6:15 AM today and the place was already hopping. All the spaces were full (including the expanded area outside the normal gates and fences). I finished the set up and Mike joined me to sell some of his lesser vintage tools. My first was the Great Northern Railway sign and the Quaker Oil sign that I had there last week. Wow! It was a good way to start.

Right then my neighbor, Russell, who also sells at Maple Lakes Antiques, invited me over to his space to see his latest acquisition. It was a GIANT clown face door surround. You walk into its mouth to get through the door. Wow! It is really cool. He also had two photo props. The painted caricature bodies that you show your head on top or though to have a photo made. Again WOW! (Kris took the photos, I was too busy selling to even unlimber my camera).

It was a great day to sell. I heard that the lot was full and cars were backed up more than a mile from the stop sign at the major highway. I'd guess we had 6,000-8,000 people walk by the space today.

Eventually I had to get my golf umbrella out because my face was turning to a crispy critter. So I sat there selling, drinking water and shading the back edges of my fire red ears.

I sold a bunch, but no big furniture. Crapped out musical instruments for $20 each, including 2 trombones and 3 baritones moved right away. I even sold a 1994 27" Sony TV that I bought at the auction on Thursday.

It was pretty much over by 1:00 PM. Mike helped me load the big pieces back on the trailer. (Including my 10' long tressle table which looked great and held one large bunch of stuff). I then loaded the smaller items into the truck and trailer. It was hot and I worked slowly with lots of sitting in the shade and drinking water between spurts of activity.

I wrapped everything in bungees and ratchet straps and headed out on the highway. I took the back roads to avoid the delay at the major highway intersection. Fortunately my route took me by the liquor store in Annandale. I treated myself to an 8 pack of 7 oz. Miller Lite, ice cold and ready for use. While I wanted to crack one open on the way home, our open bottle law could be a major problem.

I got home, let Babe out, cracked a beer and sat on the end of the dock dangling my feet in the cold, clear water of beautiful Flannery Bay. I am tired, sore and baked, but it was a fun and profitable day with a great casual ending.

Mr. Flannery

P.S. -- I called Russ today and bought the clown face and the other photo caricature. I am going to pick them up tomorrow and bring them to Gypsy Lea's for the June sale.

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red.neck chic said...

Uhmmm... I want to sit on the dock.

I'm glad it was successful for you!!! Sunscreen Mr. Flannery... do I need to share some of mine with you? :-D I have mega blocker water proof. heehee

Okay - did you take the clown surround home? That would be TOO fun to walk through getting into an office!!! Who says all work, no play? LOL

Sounds fun - glad you had a relaxing evening!!!

;-) robelyn