Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ready for May at Gypsy Lea's

Gypsy has whipped her crew into action and the shop is 99% set for the May sale at Gypsy Lea's. (The number is 99% because no matter what something will be moved or changed before the doors open on Thursday). Here are some photos of the shop.

Linda was taking some photos too. However her lens mysteriously cracked with the shot she is taking here.

There is an entire 1950's pinball / bowling alley area this time.

We moved the arches and the check-out counter to start this set-up.

Remember the red drain cover that Kris and I bungeed to the golf cart in LeSueur? Well it looks great hanging from the ceiling with a crystal chandelier dangling inside.

Somehow my red mirror yoke made the 50's wall.

One of my locker hogs.

Boots from the Norwegian auction. Bet he never imagined that they would end up as wall decorations in a "fancy" shop.

My chandelier.

My favorite piece of the sale is in this picture. It is an eight foot long harvest table that Mike made using 100 year old straight grain Douglas fir planks that he salvaged from a Northern Pacific RR boxcar.

Mr. Flannery

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Jaybird said...

Well, MN. is not SO far into the stratosphere...the red and white chair in the picture following the broken camera (LOL) matches my dining room curtains and chair seats!!
Your stuff is looking good, so it is probably all sold by now!
Have a good week!