Thursday, May 6, 2010

It Was an Auction Double Header

Yes, it has gotten worse. Not only did I attend an auction today - I went to TWO auctions. It was a day/night double header. The first was an estate auction near Sleepy Eye Minnesota, which is about 90 miles south of Flannery Bay. The second was Dave Miller's regular Thursday evening auction in St. Cloud. I stopped at home on the way through from one auction to the other just long enough to let Babe outside to stretch his legs. (And he was very disappointed when I headed back out the door without him).

I went to the Sleepy Eye auction to buy this gigantic pump organ. And I got it. Mike and I loaded it into the truck, covered it with the tonneau cover just as the rain started and then headed back to St. Cloud. I have great plans for this organ. I will reveal them later but a hint is "steampunk".

I bought this great 3 piece living room set at Miller's. It is almost new, very clean and comfortable. My intent was to bring it to Gypsy Lea's for the May sale, but now I'm thinking that it would look great in my family room.

Mr. Flannery


Jaybird said...

WOWOWOWOW...I may cry if you "reorganize" that beautiful...
Does it work?????
The furniture looks devinely comfortable!!...couch for you, couch for Babe and a chair for any visiting kitties :^)
Have a good weekend,

Mr. Flannery said...

Jaybird - The organ works. It even has an electric bellows, so you don't have to pump. Unfortunately it is worth much more in parts than it can sell for as a whole.

red.neck chic said...

Don't listen to the bird lady... I say - DO IT!!! I can't WAIT to see what it ends up looking like!!!

Just think... you can sit in the chair - or on the love seat - or on the couch and just gaze at the organ in all it's glory. hee hee The furniture DOES look very inviting!!! Have Babe do a test run on it. ha!

I would be Sleepy Eye IN Minnesota if I had done all that you did in one day... crashed out on the couch probably. :-D


Jaybird said...

:^( drat......
I'm gonna' be watchin' you though...