Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hail to Us All

The weather took an ugly turn here on the tundra today. Temperatures were 90*+ with high humidity. The perfect cooker for wild weather. Tornado watches, hail warnings, severe weather warnings, lake wind advisories, the tracker bar on the bottom of the TV screen was blazing away. I have the 2nd computer fired up on the weather radar screen for the MSP region.

There is a bright red spot in the center of the screen. Under the cross hair in the middle of the red spot is Flannery Bay.

The hail was smashing into the deck. Strong enough to break a light bulb sitting on the table.

And the hail stones were striking the lake with bomb like splashes.

Mr. Flannery


red.neck chic said...

Other than the light bulb - was everything else okay? I try to tell the weatherman stuff like that is supposed to happen here - not up there... I guess I need to call him again!!!

Take care - have a great evening!!!
;-) robelyn

Marge of Emmas Nook and Granny said...

Oooo, hail like that is pretty hard on plants. How is your roof? We had damage last year and the hail wasn't nearly as big as yours.

SecondhandKris said...

WOW - nice photos! How did all the critters handle the storms?