Sunday, July 4, 2010

A HOT 4th of July Auction

I went to an auction in the weekend heat. It was 96* and humid, which is a major heat wave for those of us on the tundra. And I am beginning to think that there never was a recession in the auction business. The prices achieved were often greater than we can charge at our retail establishments.

The auctioneers were selling.

The racks were filled with glassware, and tableware and dinnerware. And some where the hell did that come from too.

I liked this outboard motor shipping crate, but at $145 it was way above my price point.

A no big deal pink chair, for $70.

I liked these cupboards. They were even in range. I was the underbidder to another dealer on both items. I was more put off by the thought of loading in the heat than the price.

My mother wouldn't let me put it in my house, but at $475, that wasn't much of a problem.

I did buy some great books for almost nothing, including a 5 box, 100 volume set of leather bound books for $2. A 4 piece set of vintage leather bound luggage. And a resin mold of the interior chambers of an ant hill or termite nest. So I have books to process, leather to treat with saddlesoap and then conditioner and a pair of brightly painted vintage rockers (one red and the second yellow). I got home, emptied the truck before the rain and then showered to cool down to only about 89*.

Mr. Flannery

UPDATE: One of the boxes in the $2 lot of books contained a 3 volume set of out-of-print genealogy books. They just sold for $149 on eBay. YIPPIE!!


red.neck chic said...

LOL I think I should apologize for sending my weather and humidity north! Sorry 'bout that! ha! That's a cool front in Texas...

Brightly painted ANYTHING is the best - and the books sound fun!!! So does the luggage and the mold for that matter!

;-) happy Tuesday!

red.neck chic said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Dang... that's some profit!!!

;-) robelyn