Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Selling Has Started at Gypsy Lea's

Its the second Thursday of the month so things are jumping in Sauk Rapids. Our neighbor, Lillian's, which I don't understand but the women love, has been going gangbusters in the space next to Gypsy Lea's.

And our great junk has been flying out of the shop today.

This is a Hogerific chandelier that you may remember from a location overlooking Flannery Bay.

This is my favorite table. Mike made it with the antique Douglas fir from the Northern Pacific box car and the luscious legs from an 1880's box dulcimer.

A great banded newel post.

This hog organ stool sold about 20 minutes after I took this photo.

My primitive shelves and another set of lockers. Only 4-5 more units to go.

We all hope to see you in Sauk Rapids sometime this weekend.

Mr. Flannery

1 comment:

red.neck chic said...

You ARE saving me a locker unit, right? :-D

I like Mike's table too - he does gorgeous work!!! I really like the crib end turned chalkboard hanging on the wall!!! I have some wall.... hmmmm....

Hope you have more great sales this week-end! :-D