Sunday, July 18, 2010

Round 2 Was Uglier

The hail and strong winds of the afternoon were followed by Round 2 just before dark. The power flickered and my computers and TVs stopped and restarted twice. Then NO POWER. Even though I live on the northern end of tornado alley, all the local power lines are buried so outages are rare. In this case, even I was able to diagnose the problem. A limb had fallen, striking my storage tent and leaving a branch draped over the primary power lines (something like 20K volts) to the entire subdivision.

I called Wright-Hennepin Cooperative to report the problem. All the circuits were busy. I called and called and called again. I called the toll free number, I called the local number, I called the long distance office number. All the circuits were busy. Finally, almost an hour later, I made it through to the ANSWERING MACHINE! I pressed 1, I pressed 2, I clearly stated my 10 digit phone number. And then I had the privilege of leaving a message if I knew why the power was out. I mentioned that the f------n tree laying across the lines may be a problem. Then, after receiving their "sincere appreciation" for my call, I was disconnected.

Two hours later I called again. I pressed 1, I pressed 2, I clearly stated my 10 digit phone number and was greeted with a message that the problem had already been reported. I was told that I could check progress on restoration of power on the Internet. Sure I'll check the Internet, without any power. IDIOTS!!!! I'll just fire up my gas operated computer and router. BAHHH!!

The trucks finally showed up. The guy levered his cherry picker to the branch and pulled it off, dropping it solidly on my storage building. They folded the arm, pulled up the outriggers and headed for their next problem. (I am sure that I will be able to note their progress on the Internet).

It looks like I am going to see what kind of Good Neighbor State Farm really is. I have hail damage to roofs and my truck and I have damage to my storage building and the inventory inside.

I do not do well without my computers and TVs. I could not even get to sleep without the TVs clattering. I even went to the top of the hill behind my house to see the repairs. I then came home and fired up the computers, the satellite receivers and the TVs. I then turned off the computers and TVs in the office and fell sound asleep to the drone of the TVs in the bedroom.

Mr. Flannery


AngelMc said...

This morning CNN mentioned the storms in your area, I thought about you and hoped that you were okay. Good to hear from you. Sorry about all the damage you had. I'm like you--no TV, no internet = crazy me.

red.neck chic said...

I'm just glad you are okay!!! I like to give my co-op grief - but it's much more often in my hood... days and days will go by. LOLOL No power = no sewing machine = no sleep. ouch!

You could roast marshmallows while burning the tree branches... ;-)

Now I'm going to be singing the "like a good neighbor" diddy for the rest of the day...

;-) robelyn

SecondhandKris said...

WOW - didn't know you had that damage! We were coming back from Ogilvie and skirted everything cept some rain. Mike thought we should be storm trackers and follow the bad stuff.........but we decided to go home and just listen to it on the radio instead! Hope you have a really "good neighbor"!

Jaybird said...

Sounds rough up be careful, we don't want any damage to the furniture man!!!!!