Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Archaeological Excavations on the Tundra

The shovels were out, the camera was ready, everything, but the lined off square meter grids, was in place for a proper archaeological excavation. Tombs? Old buildings? Nope. Just an expedition to start clearing my garage.

The temperatures reached the 60's, so I hiked out to the garage to clear and sort. The 4' x 8' utility trailer is parked on the driveway awaiting the sifted debris of excavati0n. The trailer is filling with the detritus of collection, 95% of the rubble consists of empty boxes and containers. Every time I bring something home from an auction the entire box, regardless whether it contains one item or is nearly full, ends up in the garage. Just sorting, clearing and combining the finds has opened a lot of space.

So what have I found so far? A box of trinkets that includes an 18" 14k Italian gold chain, 20 Susan B. Anthony dollars (which I remember buying for $17.50 at an auction resulting in a guaranteed $.75 profit after buyer's fee) and a 30 jewel 10k gold cased self-winding watch. A 1930's license plate topper advertising Colorado Springs that is already listed on eBay. Then there is the $97 check from an antique shop where I used to sell that I will try to deposit tomorrow.

I have uncovered two small writing desks ready to shabotage and a dresser that I painted like a Swedish flag 4-5 years ago. I knew they were there, but now I have visually confirmed their existence. I will be sanding and painting these items soon.

Mr. Flannery


SueB said...

Mr Flannery sounds like some great shabotage projects in store. And I can't wait to see what you "dig" up for your upcoming sales..........SueB

Annemarie said...

I find that entering the garage after our painfully long winter, similar to entering an abandoned cave full of cast off pirate's trash and treasures. Happy digging to you, while I do some more spelunking today.